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The Vishipedia Show

Dec 25, 2020

Rohit Kaul shares his insights on the importance of trust in leadership, of learning by application, and his perspective on what motivates people to achieve their goals.

Rohit is the General Manager of Marketing at the Shiv Nadar Foundation, HCL Music, and HCL Concerts. He’s also a behavior science practitioner with over a decade of experience in diverse sectors such as Consumer Packaged Goods, consulting, education, not-for-profit, and entertainment. He is passionate about using Behavioral Science to build human-centric products that simplify the lives of his customers and create long-term behavior change for good. His weekly newsletter on Applied Behavior Science, behaviorXproduct, is read by over 1500 readers from diverse institutions such as Harvard, Google, LinkedIn, Airtel, Princeton, Standard Chartered, and many more.

Rohit has been identified among the top 100 digital marketers in India by Adobe and Paul Writer, nominated as a top content creator on LinkedIn at the Habit Weekly Awards (the only person from Asia to be nominated for it), and has delivered successful podcast masterclasses on Behavioral Economics.

When he is not working, Rohit is busy rummaging through research on Behavioral Science and observing people in physical/digital setups.